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Lawn Care Scarborough Maine by 207 Proudly Serving 37 Years!

Scarborough Maine Lawn Care by 207 is dedicated to great customer service since 1984! We’re a results-oriented Family business.

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We have been in this industry for over 37 Years. Furthermore; committing to anything for that long one naturally excels. Moreover; The discerning customer is drawn to a professional for services. Because you see; the professionals learning curve is behind them for the most part. Additionally; That’s not to say that the master cannot make mistakes. No; that’s not to say that a master has become a perfect specimen. Moreover, we all know there’s nothing like an old fool.

So; what does all this have to do with Lawn Care in Biddeford and Saco Maine? Well; it’s all relative. For; if you pay peanuts for on-the-job training it’s your choice. But if you expected filet minion at the chicken price, you have no recourse. Moreover: That’s not to say that an OJT hire won’t do a great job. 

Yes; at the end of the day, we all have decisions to make. And; we have to live with those decisions good or bad. 

Here Is What We Offer For Lawn Scarborough Maine

No; we won’t wave a magic wand and make unrealistic promises to you. Why? Because; nature is not a McDonald’s drive-in window. And; as much as many of us would like that instant gratification, it doesn’t work that way. Furthermore; What we can promise is that we won’t sugarcoat to obtain work. And; while we appreciate the patronage of our loyal customers – we don’t retain them by lying to them.

What we will do for you is harness 37 years of blood, sweat, and tears. Additionally; we will take knowledge and wisdom gained by working in the trenches. And; we will bring all that to bear applying it to your landscape. Indeed; There is nothing that can replace hands-on experience.  

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