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Grass Cutting – 207 Lawn Care Serving Southern Maine since 1984!

207 Lawn Care Grass Cutting For Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Lyman, Sanford, Buxton, and Scarborough Maine.

At 207 Lawn Care, grounds maintenance is job one because we value our customers. Certainly; few services enhance a yard better than professional quality grass cutting. Therefore; proper care of our customer’s lawns is a priority. As proprietors of 207 Lawn Care, we take pride in our grass-cutting service. We have an incentive to provide you with exceptional work because your yard is our best advertisement.

We promise you that we will do our very best to maintain your piece of planet earth. And we will take care of your land as though it were our own. At 207 Lawn Care performing less than our best for our customers is not an option. Quite honestly, we can’t help ourselves for it is in our nature to give all that we do our very best effort. And 40 years serving Southern Maine carries a powerful statement of its own.

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Professional Grass Cutting Equipment is Vital

We don’t skimp on equipment to maintain our customer lawns. So; nothing but the best will do. Top-notch tools of the trade used at our facility also benefit our customers. Therefore; all such equipment is adequately maintained and repaired to ensure optimum reliability.

Grass Cutting 207 Lawn Care Serving Over 40 Years

No matter the trade, a customer, has a distinct advantage when hiring experienced contractors. 207 Lawn Care brings 40 years of hands-on experience to work for you! Furthermore; we will do what is reasonable to earn your trust and confidence in our abilities.

Call Early to Ensures Prompt Service for Grass Cutting at 207 Lawn Care

Springtime is generally a hectic time here at 207 Lawn Care. So; it’s best to call early to secure a spot on our route. We try to accommodate customers, but beating the Spring rush is suggested.

207 Lawn Care is expanding to Scarborough Maine

We’re Looking Forward to Hearing From You

When you contact us, please provide a detailed message indicating lawn care needs. We recommend you leave your name, phone number, job site address, mailing address, and purpose of your call. Providing this information from the start saves time and often expedites your receipt of a proposal in hand.

We generally return calls within 48 hours. Moreover; we will set up a time to drive to your property and view your job.  Furthermore; in most cases, it’s not necessary for you to be on site. If the job particulars require a physical meeting, we will accommodate as needed.

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